We are a Performance Focused Influencer Marketing Agency with a proven track record of running successful influencer marketing campaigns with 7 digits budgets.

We provide an A2Z service for our clients – from the brief creation, through the list curation, the campaign execution and to analysis of the performance.

The way we will execute your campaign


Defining your objectives

We define with you the goals of your influencer marketing campaign.

Defining your target audience

Defining the demographic and geographic audience for the campaign by understanding your product and your target audience.

We will do this by actually using your product, research your competitors, and getting to know your existing users.

Selecting influencers

We find the most suitable influencers that will potentially generate the best performance for your campaign.

Reach Out

Contacting the influencers, negotiate towards the best terms and signing the IO

Brief Creation

At the same time – We will create the best brief for your product that will help the influencers to create the best performance-oriented promo.

Creating promotions

The influencers will create creative ad campaigns for your product while ensuring the promo is implemented as planned. In addition, you will be able to review the first draft and give your comments for any necessary changes.

Reports and Optimization

We provide a detailed report on the completed campaign. We will help with our insights for the campaign performance and help with optimization for the second campaign.