MXIBOOM Collaboration

MaxiBoom, our first game at Spring Games, was a tough challenge in terms of user acquisition – we knew that youtubers were our best route to get to the masses fast – but the process was very complicated – finding the right influencers and get their response and good pricing isn’t an easy task. After meeting A2Z all of that has changed – they made our life much easier. Ben Lee and the team found influencers that were “Bullseye” right at first sight! The communication with the influencers was very easy for us, as A2Z actually managed the all process – from first communication through contract signing and briefs and all the way up until the video went live! All made in a professional manner and with zero mistakes. I personally recommended a few colleagues to work with them and I still recommend hiring them. I’ll surely continue working with A2Z on a regular basis. You never change a winning horse!